• Christmas Display, JR Nagoya Takashimaya
  • Kanmon Projection Mapping, Kitakyushu City
  • To-SEEN, Tokyo Metropolitan Government South Observation Deck
  • Epson Square Show Room, Marunouchi
  • Chibimaruko-chan Land, Amusement Park
  • ECOCCOSHOP IKIIKI, Edo Culture Complex, Kanda Myoujin
  • Tornado Lab, Nagoya City Science Museum
  • New Year Holiday’s Window Display, Matsuya Ginza
  • Christmas Display, Omotesando Hills
  • S-PAL II LED Vision, Sendai Station
  • KIOI WINTER Christmas Display, Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioi-cho


Turn spaces into media and maximize the value of experience.

“Media + Space = MEDIAS”
We, NOMURA MEDIAS, turn spaces into media with cutting-edge technologies and creativity filled with rich sensitivity to maximize the value of experience. We connect consumers with products, stores and companies.
With “spatial activation business” that fuses the real and the digital as a core, we work with our clients and address the issue all the way through planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, providing exquisite products and services as one on a national basis.

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    • Total operation of commercial and retail interior design
    • Annual sales promotion support for commercial facilities
    • Branding
    • Support for the development of visitor reception at facilities
    • Maintenance
    • Resident Management of Facilities
    • Inspection of exhibits
    • Equipment repairing and renewal of technical product
    • Model making for exhibition
    • Store management
    • Pop-up Store Events
    • Product Development and Wholesale
    • Retail Business Consulting