The Company collects and uses important Personal Information from business partners to realize our higher-level services.
The Company recognizes Personal Information protection as an important responsibility and shall handle Personal Information in accordance with the following policies in order to fulfill this responsibility.
Further, the Company recognizes the importance of the protection of Personal Information of our employees and those who are involved in our business activities also and handles such Personal Information in the same manner as the business partners’ information.

  1. 1. Definition of Personal Information

    Personal Information means, regardless of the medium, information which can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth, other description or number associated with individual contained in such information (including any information that is not identifiable only by the information but identifiable for a specific individual by matching it against other information.).

  2. 2. Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

    When providing services such as planning, designing, supervising or producing displays or products, sales of goods, etc., the Company may collect your Personal Information directly or from third parties to the extent necessary for executing transactions with companies or organizations dealing with the Company. The handling of Personal Information by the Company is limited within the scope of the purposes notified to you or the scope of the services. Your Personal Information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. As measures to prevent use or disclosure beyond the purposes, Personal Information is used or disclosed upon a confirmation of appropriateness by Personal Information Protection Manager. Further, the Company strengthens control activities through self-inspection or internal audit.

  3. 3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    The Company complies with laws, regulations, guidelines, contracts, internal rules and other norms with regard to Personal Information protection and strives to protect your Personal Information.

  4. 4. Continuous Improvement

    The Company continuously reviews and improves the internal rules with regard to Personal Information protection in response to legislations or amendments of laws and regulations relating to Personal Information protection, change of societal circumstances, business partners’ requirements, developments of technologies or business environment, etc.

  5. 5. Security Management Measures for Protection of Personal Information

    1. (1) Preventive Measures against Leakage, Loss, Damage etc. of Personal Information

      To prevent accidents such as leakage, loss, damage etc. of Personal Information, the Company appoints Personal Information Protection Manager and establishes the management system for Personal Information and implements strict security measures such as entry and exit management of facilities, security measures on computer systems etc. In addition, the Company trains and supervises the employees to ensure the thoroughness thereof. When outsourcing Personal Information handling works to any third party, the Company strictly selects and supervises such third party.

    2. (2) Corrective Measures against Leakage, Loss, Damage etc. of Personal Information

      In the event that any leakage, loss or damage of Personal Information occurs, the Company promptly takes corrective measures placing top priority on the prevention of spread of damages and strives to determine the causes and implement measures to prevent recurrence. Further, the Company reports the incident information to those who are involved and relevant authorities to the extent necessary. In addition, the Company maintains internal systems such as system recovery procedure, emergency contact network etc.

  6. 6. Complaints, Consultations and Inquiries relating to Privacy Policy and Personal Information

    For complaints or consultations relating to the contents of this privacy policy or the handling of Personal Information, please contact the following. NOMURA MEDIAS Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Office
    Phone Number: +81-3-6426-0198
    (Operation Hours:10:00~17:00<closed on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and new years holidays>)

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